Simple but eye-catching outfits for Valentine’s Day!

If you have no idea what to wear on Valentine’s Day or you just do not want to stress out in all this preparation process like choosing a very special dress, you always can wear basics adding some accents



That’s for sure you have some top and jeans, so why not wear them with some boots and hat. Hat is an absolutely mast to spice up your look and make an outfit much cooler. In addition, choose bright lipstick and some accesorize and you will be on top!

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Pair a skirt or girly dress with comfy sweater. Do a nice curly ponytail and make a light make up with warm pink lips. That’s make you look so girly and fresh, that your partner will love that combination 100% . Every guy lost his head of that a bit naive but totally sexy look



Long knitted dress with boots or snieckers paired with jacket will make an effortless but romantic look. You may definitely have a long walk with cup of hot coffee, then go for a movie or to the restaurant. This choice will be appropriate for any case.

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But do not forget. This day is about your emotions, be aware, appreciate your time together. Have fun and have LOVE <3!

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