Amazing days of staying in La Coruña, Spain


Passion for travels can be manic, especially after bright trips. In this article I would like to share with you my summer experience of beautiful and burning Spain. The country is so different from the North to the South, so unique and colorful that I wanted to go everywhere. The first point on the Spanish map that I visited was not very popular among tourists the north-western region of Spain, Galicia, the city of La Coruña.

IMG_9227I got there not by a chance, I went to an international summer school in the main university of city for the course “Business Communication and Marketing”. There I met wonderful and talented people from all over the world, who joined the course for a month as well as I am. Together we studied, traveled around the Spain and Portugal,  had fun and, let’s say, took everything from that summer.

By the way, if you want to attend these summer courses as well, please go via link  to get more information about the university and summer courses and check the insights of how to get  discoutns and grants for this education.

For those who want to visit La Coruña just for tourism,  that definately will be a great vacation . La Coruña is a truly fabulous city, combining historic streets, modern districts and stunning beauty of nature. The city washed by the Atlantic Ocean, which attracts surfers, divers and anglers from all around the world. Stunning wide beaches and the longest quay in Europe of a13 km! It is worth to see!

Everything is permeated here with love and respect of the inhabitants, ancient traditions are valued, but at the same time there is always a place for creativity and holidays. In La Coruña you can have fun and relax,  there are lots of cosy small bars, great restaurants, where you can try delicious Spanish and Galician cuisine, famous tapas, tortilla and, of course, seafood that is the most delicious and fresh here, so do not miss!

Summer is the beast season for visiting, I guess, the ocean becames warmer and there are so many festivals here, especially August – the month full of parties on the beach, fairs, show programs. You will not get bored!

If you have visited this place too, be sure to leave a comment below, I will be glad to know your impressions and your experience of staying in La Coruña.

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